Interview: Mitchell Donaldson

"I enjoy imagining the worms moving in space. Kind of like the classic windows screen-saver of 3D pipes. I paint them as a flat colour first and just follow a shape in which I often find recognisable forms like faces or human figures." Continue Reading ↝


Interview: Rachael Archibald

"I have no faith. But I have an emotional response to reality: nature, art and music. And I’m wondering what this is. It’s a spirituality that has no doctrine or specific higher power, whatever you personally find to be sacred." Continue Reading ↝

Isabel Hood

Google Arcades

It could be suggested that Google Maps has brought us one step closer to “ increasingly unpleasant atmosphere on the Net, turning it into the virtual shopping mall that we've been told Continue Reading ↝


Interview: Monika Correa

Monika's practice focuses on various perspectives of multicultural integration in westernised society, whilst challenging racial stereotypes through large scale immersive sculptures, installations and story telling illustrations. Continue Reading ↝