Smart Home Hacks

Words and art by Isabel Hood

As you may or may not know, I am in charge of the identity for In Residence and have also begun a Masters of Interactive Media. This is for context. I’m much more comfortable and do prefer communicating visually. I have chosen to reflect on a topic that is relevant and of interest to me. In Residence is a fantastic motivator and platform to share my ideas and current projects. 'Smart Home Hacks' is a brief introduction to an exploration of ideas and aesthetics regarding cybersecurity in the domestic space.

“There was once a time when people distinguished between cyberspace, the digital world of computers and hackers, and the flesh-and-blood reality known as meatspace. Anyone overwhelmed by the hackable perils of cyberspace could unplug and retreat to the reliable, analog world of physical objects."

How The Internet of Things Got Hacked

With the rising prevalence of the 'Internet of Things' how are we designing to mitigate security risks in the products we use to day-to-day? The internet of things are everyday objects that can connect to the net. Here they can be recognised by other devices and can contribute user information to databases.

‘Smart Home Hacks’ is a speculative investigation into cyber security, the cross-over of analog and digital terminology when we talk about ‘home’ or objects within it and questioning the ambiguity of the word ‘hack’.

Interactive Work