Interview: Rachael Archibald

Rachael Archibald explores a secular spiritual identity by composing visceral ambience for disenchanting realities. It manifests visually and sometimes musically. 4-10 December 2017, Rachael showed us her new investigations and experiments into Continue Reading ↝


Google Arcades

It could be suggested that Google Maps has brought us one step closer to “ increasingly unpleasant atmosphere on the Net, turning it into the virtual shopping mall that we've been told Continue Reading ↝


Interview: Monika Correa

Figura Antropomorfa Masculina, a ceramic figure made in Quimbaya, Colombia dating back 600-1500 d.C. One of Monika's many influences Monika's practice focuses on various perspectives of multicultural integration in westernised society, Continue Reading ↝


Interview: Alrey Batol

Interviewed by Isabel Hood Alrey Batol / DIY JB HI-FI / archival ink-jet print on handmade JB Hi-fi catalogue / recycled from JB Hifi catalogues / 2015 Alrey Batol's practice takes an iconoclastic and operational approach Continue Reading ↝